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Now Available:
Dark Chocolate Mallo Cup

Boyer Candy Helps the Economy by Doubling its Redemption for Play Money
Boyer Candy Company is Now Kosher Certified
Boyer Candy Welcomes You to Project Social Media

Boyer Fun Zone

Visit the Fun Zone for clip art and to play our great games - Sudoku, Mah Jong, Flip Flop, Cork Gun Game, Dunking Booth, Boyer Puzzles, and more!

Gift Boxes now available for all occasions

Happy Birthday and Get Well boxes filled with Boyer candy are just two of the new gift items we have added. If you are looking for a gift with special meaning check out this latest addition.

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Fun Bite Facts

Mallo Cup was the 1st cup candy to be made in the USA!

Over 2,000,000 Cups are made in the Boyer Plant everyday , laid side by side they would cover 58 Miles!

It takes 20 TONS of that creamy Mallo Center to fill 2,000,000 MALLO CUPS!

Consumers continue to save Play Money for over 73 years. Over 5 % of all play money is redeemed nationwide!

The Largest Amount of Play Money redeemed by a single consumer was in 2006 a gentleman from Uniontown Ohio mailed in enough coin cards to receive a $353.00 Check! Thats 176,659 points saved (Thats a lot of candy!)


Anthony Forgione Sr.
President of Boyer Candy and Founder of Consolidated Brands
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