Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies



1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees .Grease cookie sheets. Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt and set aside. In the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water melt the chocolate and peanut butter chips and set aside.
2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter, white sugar and brown sugar. Beat eggs one at a time and stir in the vanilla. Stir in melted chips until well blended then stir in the sifted dry ingredients.
3. Peanut Butter Cups can be chopped and folded into the recipe at this time or used as a decoration by pressing one of the Peanut Butter Cups into the top of each cookie after baking and still warm.
4. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes (press in PB cups on top of cookies at this time) before removing to a wire rack.